Have a question? Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers.


Can I pay my registration fee with a credit card?

Yes. You have the option of paying with a credit card during the registration process and will not have the opportunity to submit your payment by credit card once it has been submitted. If you want to pay by credit card, please wait to register till you have the card information ready and available. 


Can I pay my registration fee over the phone?

No. All credit card transactions are handled online by PayPal for security purposes. 


My PR number isn't working. How can I resolve this problem?

Your PR Award number is the number listed at the top block 4 of your Grant Award Notification (GAN). If you recieved a non-competing continuation (NCC) grant in FY 2013 then you would need to use your previous PR Number as shown on your issued GAN. PR numbers should all start with a "P" and you do not need to include the year on the end. If you are unsure what PR Number to use, please contact your program officer for guidance. 

Example: P031A000000 is a correctly formatted PR number. P031A000000-12 is incorrectly formatted and will not allow you to register.


Who should I make the check out to? Where should I send it?

Please make checks payable to Greystones Consulting and send to:

1900 L Street, NW
Suite # 505
Washington, DC 20036


What is the W9 Form? Why did I receive it with my invoice?

The W9 Form is for institutions that need to set up Greystones Consulting as a vendor in order to process payment. Not all schools require this form and you may disregard it if your institution does not need it. Many accounting and finance departments need this form so it is automatically provided when you opt to pay by check or purchase order. 


Will transportation be provided between the Washington Hilton Hotel and the other hotels?

Yes. Free shuttle services will be provided between the Washington Hilton and the other hotels offering room blocks for participants. A list of these hotels with available room blocks is listed on the logistics page. 


When will the block of rooms be available?

The room block is now available. Use the code “Education 2013” when making reservations.


Is my project responsible for paying for my travel and sleeping room?

Yes, attendees are responsible for paying for their own travel and sleeping rooms.


Is there a registration fee for this event?

Yes, “early bird” registration for $475 is available prior to January 15, 2013. Registration received onsite at the meeting or after January 16, 2013 will be $550. The registraton fee is payable by check or credit card only.


Who are Greystones Group and CDS2?

The Greystones Group and CDS2 are the companies contracted by the Department of Education to manage the registration and logistics for this meeting. CDS2 is an abbreviation of Command Decisions Systems & Solutions.


If our institution needs to write a check, to whom should it be payable?

Please make the check payable to the Greystones Group. Please follow the instructions provided during the registration process.