The call for presentations and exhibits is now closed. 

The Department fully supports President Barack Obama’s goal that the United States produce the world’s highest proportion of college graduates, and the world’s most competitive workforce, by the year 2020.  President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan agree that education is not only an economic necessity for the Nation, but a morally imperative obligation.  “America’s future is directly linked to the quality of education that we provide our children, young people, and adults,” said Duncan in September 2012.  We strongly encourage you to keep President Obama, Secretary Duncan, and the Department’s ambition for 2020 in mind when planning your presentations and exhibits. 


Suggested topics may include, but are not limited to:

  1. School reform
  2. College affordability
  3. College completion
  4. Linkages between education and job attainability
  5. Faculty professional development initiatives
  6. Retention, student tracking, enrollment, and graduation rates for undergraduate and graduate program
  7. Strategies for increasing student’s interest or performance in the science, technology, engineering
  8. Alternative energy projects
  9. Successful student outreach programs
  10. Projects which demonstrate a high degree of success in achieving program specific performance measures